четверг, 28 января 2010 г.

new kit!! "You My Soul"

Ура!!!Меня пригласила погостить одна из моих любимых дизайнеров-Наташа-Tiramisu design

Сегодня у нее вышел новый набор, нежный и изысканный, как и все Наташины творения!

Купить его можно здесь и здесь .

  new kit "You My Soul" It includes 43 elements, 8 papers. 

WA-Damayanti Studio
photo-Meredith Rowlen

photo-jessica kettle.

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  1. Ань, первую страничку видела уже в галерее - супер! Но вторая вообще прелесть - очень здорово придумала!

  2. These are MY Images.. and you need to remove them asap. Stealing images off photographers websites is against the law. You have images of MY clients and MY children on here. You have removed and replaced faces in some. I want these removed ASAP or I am reporting your website as well as contacting my lawyer.

  3. please remove the image belonging to jessica kettle photography. it is being used illegally and i will have to take legal action if it is not removed, as well as sue for profits.

  4. Stealing is not nice. If you dont ask permission to use copyrighted images you are breaking the law. By the looks of the comments above you did NOT have permission. So you are a thief.